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(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahi Full Written Update Of 5th July 2021: Ahaan Gets Affected By Riya


In the recent episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahi, we have watched that Riya is threatening and blackmailing Ahaan by his pregnancy. Ahaan says how could this possible without any relation. Riya comes up along with a fake story and asks it happened on our engagement you have inherited it and that it all happened between us. Riya says her whole life got spoiled just because of you. Just then Ahaan gets a call from Chachi and she asks him to come soon. Ahaan tells Riya that he has to leave, but Riya says you can’t leave me like that.

(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahi Full Written Update Of 5th July 2021: Ahaan Gets Affected By Riya

Ahaan is bemused and says he didn’t believe what you say, Riya again tells him to believe as you were drunk. Ahaan leaves from there thinking how can he forget such a big incident. He thinks if Ishqi trusts him, he also remembers Dadi’s words. Ishqi Muh Dikhai ceremony is going on in Ahaan’s house. Sarla commences the ceremony and insults Ishqi. Just then Ahaan comes there drunk, everyone gets shocked seeing Ahaan. Sarla provokes everyone by saying if Ahaan is an alcoholic. Ishqi tries to handle the things and says we ought to appreciate Riya that she brought Ahaan back.

Sarla again comes to bad mouth about Ahaan. Kartik comes there and asks why did he drink over the limit. Ahaan replies that he committed a huge mistake, he apologized to Ishq. Riya again narrated a fake story and says that she noticed Ahaan in a restaurant consuming alcohol and lost his senses. Meantime, Sonu comes there and reprimands Riya for talking nonsense about Ahaan. Riya says she was just assisting Ahaan. Sarla scolds Sonu and she leaves with Raj. Kartik asks Riya that you better call me I would come there to take Ahaan.

Ahaan doesn’t have any sense, so, Ishqi takes Ahaan under the shower. Ahaan muttering saying that he never betray you at any cost. Ishq says she has faith in him that is why I am along with you. Ishq takes Ahaan to the bed and asks him to sleep. Kartik along with Sonu come to see Ahaan, Kartik taunts Ahaan and says if he wants to drink more. He says all the ceremonies of your marriage got spoiled and today you come drunk on Ishqi’s Muh Dikhai. Ahaan apologizes to both of them and says he will try to convince Ishqi on their honeymoon. All the viewers can watch the upcoming episode on Sony Tv at 9:30 PM. Get all the latest Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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