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(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahi Today’s 2nd June 2021 Full Written Update: Ishqi Gets Arrested?


Let’s check Sony TV’s extremely popular serial Ishk Par Zor Nahi today’s written episode. It begins with Ishqi. She thinks to come up with some sort of way to expose the real identity of Mayank to everyone. While Ishqi was occupied with her thoughts, Sonu comes there. She tell that she is planning to bring the entire matter out and embraces Ishqi in a warm hug. Ishqi tells her that she is not thinking right as her one single decision will put the whole family in trouble. Ishqi tells her that if she exposed the truth then Sarla along with everyone will only accuse her.

(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahi Today's 2nd June 2021 Full Written Update: Ishqi Gets Arrested?

After hearing Ishqi’s perspective, Sonu tells her that she has to do that otherwise her life will continue to get complicated and adds that she cannot bear insults anymore. Ishqi couldn’t believe it and asks her to avoid whatever Mayank is trying to put in her mind. In the next scene, Rhea and Ahaan badmouth Ishqi. Ahaan says that in his list of person, Ishq stands right at the bottom as he hates her guts.

Rhea gets surprised and states that she had always thought and he is friends with Ishqi. Later, Ahaan arrives and asks Ahaan if he hated her then why was he pretending to like her before. Ahaan tells him that he was only trying to act all goody with her as she was finalized to marry his friend but now all of her reality came forward. Ahaan sadly says that Ishqi is none but an evil girl who has destroyed their house.

Ahaan continues that Ishqi became the reason for Mayank attempting suicide and he is thankful that his attempt failed. Ahaan completely blames Ishqi for this and even calls her a murderer. At last, Ahaan says that he can send the police back once Ishqi gives him clarity on why she decided to break the marriage. Another side, Ishqi convinces the waiter to tell the truth to everyone.

She brings the waiter to Ahaan and asks him to tell him everything about Mayank and what happened that night. After telling the truth, the waiter looks at Ishqi and asks her if he spoke correctly. Both Ahaan and Ishqi get shocked. Meanwhile, Rhea brings the cops who take Ishqi with them. On the side, Sonu’s marriage rituals take place. Will Ishqi succeed in proving her innocence in Ishk Par Zor Nahi today’s episode? Catch the show on Sony TV.


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