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(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi Goes In Comma?


The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin begins where Ahaan comes to Mayank and Ishqi and Mayank starts drama after seeing that Ahaan is coming towards them. That Ishqi is bothering him but he hugs her and apologizes to her by saying that there is no need to tolerate anything. Ahaan and Mayank get into a fight and meanwhile, Ahaan says to Ishqi that unless he says she can not open her eyes. Then Ahaan beats Mayank and mentions that whatever he has done with Ishqi was not appropriate enough.

(IPZN) Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi Goes In Comma?

Then Doctor arrives and informs them that she will get fine soon and get her senses back again, and Ahaan calls her fighter meanwhile, he recalls the wording of Ishqi. That how Ishqi helped her sister and without doing any mistake bear all taunts, spontaneously Grandmother comes and starts interrogation that what is going on here. Aunt also asks about Ishqi and the Manager brings her with him, then Sonu comes inside and asks about Ishqi, Raj also arrives there and asks about Ishqi. Karthik says that Ahaan knows everything about her.

After that, Sonu unleashes the entire truth in front of Ahaan that how she attempted to make herself end, but Ishqi is the main reason behind her safety. Then she apologizes to him because she did not listen to him that night when she needed to know everything. He says that there is no need to say sorry because in this matter only Mayank is wrong, meanwhile, Raj and Kartik come there and learn everything. Then Raj hugs Sonu ane d says that why she did not tell him this before.

Then she says that she was getting afraid of his mother if she breaks the wedding with him. Ahaan gets shocked to hear this because he did not familiar with that and if he knew a glance about so he definitely tries to make her overcome as soon as possible. She expresses her feelings in front of him which had been buried for a long time and finally, she gets the chance to share them with someone. Then she says that was thinking he would accuse her of all this.

Then Ahaan tries to figure out everything regarding Mayank so that, he can teach him a lesson. But Grandmother stops him by saying that if he does it so it will become the cause of breaks Sonu’s marriage. Then Ahaan goes to Ishqi and gets shattered and starts crying by saying that she handled all this alone, and he shares Grandmother’s conversation with her and gets emotional, even Riya gets shocked to see her Sonography report. So do not forget to watch it on Sony Television at 09:30 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.


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