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(IPZN) Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Episode 12th July 2021: Preeto Inflames Ahaan Against Ishqi


The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will begin where Ishqi assures Ahaan that he is innocent and no one can punish him, But Ahaan is going through many obstacles. Hence, he is unable to find a path to overcome this. Because every time these circumstances are hitting his mind, that made him disturb. Meanwhile, says that he can understand that she is consoling him but everyone is accusing him of the crime which he did not do at all.

(IPZN) Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Episode 12th July 2021: Preeto Inflames Ahaan Against Ishqi

Then Ishqi says that if he did not do anything wrong so there is no need to think more about it, but Ahaan interrupts her by saying that it’s not as easy as she is thinking. Because many complications will come on their way, but Ishqi says that they will deal with that together, do not worry. Meantime, Ahaan mentions that if it was so easy, then he would not have any tension. But Ishqi replies that nothing is difficult, their thinking makes it tough.

After that, Ishqi shows her faith in Ahaan by saying that he will definitely sort out all problems as soon as possible, but he is in tension. Meanwhile, his grandmother says that she will make his work easy as far as she can, even his mother will step ahead to help him along with her husband. Ahaan gets happy to see them help him, but he won’t able to understand the reason behind all these circumstances.

Then Ahaan decided to go to the accident place where the roof has fallen down because he wants to know everything about the damage. But spontaneously Ishqi stops him by saying that it’s not the right time to go there because people’s anger will not have calmed down yet. She convinces Ahaan, and he cancels to go there because somewhere Ishqi is right, and it’s not appropriate if he goes there. Once their anger will reduce he will definitely go there.

Then Grandmother says that does not know whose evil eyes have caught their house and mentions that all these things have started since he got married. In short, she is trying to make them believe in superstitious things, she tries to inflame Ahaan against Ishqi, and meantime, his ex makes a call to him and pretends likes she still cares for him. But he recognizes her intentions and cut the call. So do not miss to watch it on Sony Television at 09:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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