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Is Corinna Slusser Dead? Has Missing Cheerleader Been Found?


Today we are going to share with you the news of Corinna Slusserwho was missing since 2017. Things were speculated by the people that maybe she is dead but her mother and family did not give up hope on her and took help from authorities officers. This news spread widely on the internet and all news channels. People are scrounging the web to know more about her and want to know what happened to her and whether she found yet or not. Scroll the page down to get more information and details about this case and read the whole article.

Is Corinna Slusser Dead Has Missing Cheerleader Been Found

Corrina was nineteen years old back then in 2017 when she went missing from New York City. Through the source, we get to know that she was convinced by a man named Yhovanny Peguero thirty-year-old that he will help her to a place to stay in New York City. She met up with him in the hospital after attempting suicide and when he told Corrina that he will help her then she caught in his words.

Corrina caught in his words who said to her that he would help her and Corrina Slusser left her house and family and shifts to her small hometown assuring her mother that there was no need to worry.

Online advertisements began appearing for Corinna under the name “Carissa” screenshots on various escort sites and she fell into the clutches of a sex trafficking ring operating in the Bronx unfortunately when she just entered the city and her pictures were disseminated across the internet advertisements for paid sexual services. According to reports she is subjected to being sold in disgusting hotel rooms by an ill-famed brothel keeper who was accused of stealing his worker’s earnings and physically abusing them.

Corrina was last in contact with her mother Turuto on 20 September 2017 between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm in which Corrina told her mother that she want to return home but after this call, she went missing and has never been found yet. Concerned for her daughter’s safety, Corinna’s mother expresses her worries and files a complaint regarding her daughter’s disappearance and still hoping that Corinna will be found. Her mother is still hoping her daughter to come home with her and is waiting for the answer from the Police department, but they are unable to find her. We hope she is still alive and reunites with her family and mother. For more updates stay tuned to the Social telecast.


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