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Is Dan Spencer leaving Emmerdale as his sentencing looms


In this article, we will talk about  Dan Spencer who getting a lot of attention from the people and making headlines due after his exit from Emmerdale. Yes, you are right this is the most emotional time for Dan Spencer and the community and also shocking news for his fans that he will not be seen in the show from now. What is the entire matter let’s see and to know more about Dan Spencer who will exist from Emmerdale show scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.


There is an emotional moment that comes in Dan Spencer’s life in Emmerdale because he is waiting for his sentence and while we are waiting about but viewers think about if the character will be not seen from now on the screen.

Dan was the one who escape from the scene after punching Lyoid Sawyer who followed Dan’s daughter Amelia and provoke him by threatening what will he do with him and then saw that Loyed have to face his seizure and then he went to the police officer and confess but all evidence point to him and after when Lyod died in the hospital so Dan’s charge was escalated.

Dan now has to remain behind bars for many years but his friend stood and supports him and encouraged him to tell everything at Man Club.

Although he was terrified of the prison he kept aside his fear for the last day spending quality time and enjoying himself with his granddaughter Esther and daughter Amelia He prepared to meet them and kept arrangements for celebrating both girl’s birthdays and then Dan gives a gift to Amelia a photo album in which he kept the photo of Amelia from child to adult and then recalls all lovely moments and spends the time.


Then Esther suddenly gets panicked when she thinks she will lose Dan on the other side Dan also thinks to tell Esther that he does not want that his granddaughter will come to meet him in jail and asks Esthetr how will she manage to the house because she is adamant to live with them.

Dan looks out into the village he’s called home, certain that he won’t be seeing it again for a while then the scene when he acknowledges that he is responsible for the death of a man and then ITV soap keeping the outcomes under wraps so we can not accumulate if the character is leaving the show. You can watch this show on ITV at 7:30 pm.


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