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Is Dr Charles Stanley Alive Or Dead?


Today we are going to talk about the public repose underway for the late Atlanta Baptist pastor Dr. Chales Stanley. He was an American Southern Baptist pastor and also known as a writer. He died on 18 April 2023 and after his death, there is public repose is ongoing for his demise. His death news broke the heart of his family, friends and many people of his loved ones also expressed their sorrow for his loss. Let us know more about his deceased, this public repose of his death, and some more important details related to him in this article, so read this continuously and complete this article.

First Baptist Church Atlanta and the founder of In Touch Ministries has died

As per the exclusive news and information, his repose was done at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, at 4400 North Peachtree Rd., Georgia on Saturday, 22 April 2023. This repose was begun continued ongoing from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm and many people arrive at his public repose. This public repose was also streamed on CharlesStanley.com and the video clip of this public repose of his death was shared on Youtube. People and netizens can now watch these repose videos through the medium of Youtube. There are no speakers planned during the event. Scroll to know more.

Is Dr. Charles Stanley Alive Or Dead?

Charles Stanley death cause

He took his last breath on Tuesday 18 April in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and he was 90 years old at the time of his death. He was mostly known as the founder of  In Touch Ministries. He pastored for more than 50 years and is mostly liked for kindly and lovely nature for everyone.

His complete name was Charles Frazier Stanley and he was born on 25 September 1932 in Dry Fork, Virginia, United States. He finished his education at the University of Richmond and also studied at the Southern Baptist and Theological Seminary. He was get married Anna Johnson Stanley in 1955 but he gives divorced her in 2000.

He was the father of Becky Stanley Brodersen and Andy Stanley. Many people expressed their sadness for his death and shared their condolences for his loss. His public repose event is not gathering too much attention and we shared the complete information about this event. Many videos of this event are available on the internet and those who want to watch this video can easily watch this video on the Youtube platform. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news topics of the daily world.


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