Home General News Is Dreamybull Really Arrested? Fake Rumors Viral On Social Media Explained!

Is Dreamybull Really Arrested? Fake Rumors Viral On Social Media Explained!


As you heard the news of many content and famous material creator arrested case now here is again one case of this kind gots everyone’s attention and went bizarre online. People went crazy and were eager to know that is it a rumor or real. They want to know if someone is playing a joke or if is it real that the most famous content material creator and influencer Dreambyull is arrested. Several questions were asked by the people and we will try to give you all information about this case. To know more please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Is Dreamybull Arrested?

Currently, a story is evolving on social media that famous content material creator and influencer Dreamybull is arrested. this news is spreading widely but we tell you that this is only a rumor. someone is playing a joke to spread this rumor and maybe let the Dreambyull image down. Dreambyull is not arrested. This is fake news that he is arrested. According to the reports, the rumors of Dreamybull’s arrest started swiveling on the internet after a video of him started making rounds on the internet.

Is Dreamybull Really Arrested?

Dreambyulls pursuing his carrier in Tiktok and youtube. people recognize him as skit and comedy videos.TikTok star gained a viral reputation online platforms such as iFunny, and 4chan as well thanks to his specific movies and loud exclamations all through s3xual activities. His memes are often accompanied by sound effects and humorous captions. Through the sources, we get to know that he was involved in police custody before and was also arrested in 2014. He was wrongdoing and theft. He was arrested in 2014 by police because of stealing a phone from Rent-A-Center in Salisbury. Reportedly, he was then an adolescent pastor at the Kingdom Center in Charlotte NC.

Dreambyull real name is Parrell Laquarius Brown.However, he forgot mostly his acquainted then. so all over the buzz created by the people online and wants to know whether Dreambyull is really arrested or not? so the answer is no. This is only a fake rumor that he is arrested. He is not arrested and someone is playing a joke with him. Who is not revealed yet if any other information or disclosure is revealed we will inform you. This news is fake, ongoing rumors about him are not influenced by legit news. Stay tuned to this website for more new updates from all over the corners of the world


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