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Is Jamal Dead or Alive? TikTok Star Death Rumors and Memes Goes Viral, Explained!


Every day some or other rumors surface on social media. The latest one to have become the topic of discussion is the death of the popular TikToker Jamal. Speculations are rife that the TikTok star has died. Undoubtedly, many people have believed the rumors and have flooded the internet with tributary posts and RIP messages. Also, there is a section of people who refuses to believe the news. Due to this reason, social media is divided into two parts where one believes Jamal is dead while the other denies it.

Is Jamal Dead or Alive TikTok Star Death Rumors and Memes Goes Viral Explained


Is Jamal Dead or Alive?

Recently, death rumors claiming Jamal’s death surfaced on the internet. His fans believed the rumors could not believe the fact that he has died. Within some time, the news circulated all over social media. However, it is coming forward that the TikTok star is not dead and these are nothing but just mere speculations. Let us inform our readers that the young influencer seems to be doing fine. Thus, Jamal is not dead and is alive. The “Jamal Did It” meme’s real person is Abraham Clinkscales.

TikTok Star Death Rumors and Memes Goes Viral

He has received a lot of appreciation for his original content creation and is highly active on social media sites. His Instagram account states that he is a well-known actor and athlete who goes by the stage name “Jamal.” He recently fell victim to fake news, and all of his followers were perplexed by his recent posts on the prominent TikTok star’s passing that was going around. A meme about a young Black boy who was falsely charged with a crime like stealing KFC chicken initially appeared on TikTok in April 2022.

The meme depicts four suspects, three of whom are white and one of whom is toting a chicken. A few months later, the child received the name Jamal, and Abraham Clinkscales, a young actor, was used as inspiration for the part. Soon after, online footage of the boy being charged with everything from kidnapping to stealing cookies began to spread. But each time, pictures of white people who are never at fault followed the image of him.

The meme parodied and ridiculed racial stereotypes that benefit white people. However, the meme was harshly criticized online for its implications and for tolerating such stereotypes. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more such updates and the latest news. Get all the trending news and the details regarding the same on our site. Do not forget to follow our site.


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