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Is “Lois Griffin Dead At 43”? The Family Guy Character Death Prank Trending On TikTok


The “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” joke that became popular on TikTok and Twitter is the latest celebrity death hoax to hit the internet. These practical jokes don’t resemble hoaxes about famous people’s deaths that spread false information and upset readers and fans. They are merely amusing pranks designed to elicit responses from those in your vicinity. The ‘Lois Griffin is dead at 43’ joke is what has gone popular on social media now. It has garnered everyone’s attention and everyone seems to be talking about it. Get full details of the matter in the article below.

Is Lois Griffin Dead At 43 The Family Guy Character Death Prank Trending On TikTok

Is “Lois Griffin Dead At 43”?

The death hoax has surfaced all over the internet and has gained the attention of a large section of people who are now rushing to social media platforms to discuss it. While many have already believed the rumors and have even expressed their heartfelt tributes to Lois, many people still questioned the reliability of the news. It has resulted in the internet getting divided into two sections where one believes the news, the other just does not. You must have come across the news on your respective account and have wondered what is the truth.

The Family Guy Character Death Prank Trending On TikTok

On TikTok, a few users have posted several clips where they are seen pranking their family members by saying that Lois has died. For those unversed, Lois happens to be one of the main characters on the hit Fox sitcom titled Family Guy. Alex Borstein voiced the character. She is the wife of Peter Griffin in the show while being the mother of Chris, Meg, and Stewie Griffin. Well, recently, pranks regarding the same news have flooded social media platforms as people are taking a lot of interest in it and due to this reason, it has become one of the trending topics.

Let us tell you that the video clips and the pranks have resulted in people thinking that something has happened to Alex Borstein. Everyone has gotten confused regarding the well-being of the actress and comedian. She is the voice behind Lois’ character. Well, let us tell you that nothing has happened to the actress and she seems to be extremely well and thriving in 2022. On Instagram, she remains quite active and keeps her fans updated with her personal and professional life. It is not the first time that such kind of rumors surfaced on social media. Earlier, Lady Gaga’s death hoax has gone viral. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.


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