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Is Mahmood Aslam Dead or Still Alive? Check Death Hoax Rumors Explained!


There is a piece of news is coming forward that Mahmood Aslam passed away and many users are saying it’s a rumor. This news is rapidly circulating on the internet and many social media pages. He is a Pakistani television stage actor and is most famous for his fantastic performances in the classic drama series. He has a large number of fans around the world and his social media platforms are now raising many questions related to him, so here we are going to talk about what happened to him and discuss whether he is alive or not in this article.

Mahmood Aslam

As per the exclusive news and information, He is alive and this news is completely fake. He shared a post of a video and in that video, he shared he is alive and in good condition. He shared this video on his Instagram page and now his fake death news video is running on various social media platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. His death news gained a lot of attention on the internet and later this incident he shared a video message on his Instagram page in which he denies his fake death news and shared that he is alive or in good health condition.

Is Mahmood Aslam Dead or Still Alive?

He is one of the most famous or legendary actors in Pakistan and is also known as the Bulbulay star. He is a Pakistani actor and has also given his best performance in much classic drama series such as Andhera Ujala, Payas, Din, and Janjaalpura, and gained too much love and attention from the comedy series Bulbulay. He begins his career with a television drama series Band Bajay Ga in which he played the role of Jehageer later he worked in other television series, Filmography, Telefilms, and Anthology series, and made many other appearances.

He is now healthy and alive and it is confirmed that his death news is a fake rumor which is running on the internet. It is shared that a Facebook user shared his fake death news for fun purposes in which she shared the picture of the actor and said he passed but later it is confirmed that he is still alive and in good condition. Many of these kinds of rumors are seen every day and users of social media done this to gain some attention on the internet whereted various times do this to known how much their fans love them. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on other exciting news topics.


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