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Is NBA YoungBoy Released From Prison? What Did The Rapper Do To Get Arrested? Check Details


American rapper and singer NBA YoungBoy has been making headlines again ever since the news of him getting released from jail surfaced online. In the federal weapons case, the rapper had been awaiting his trial for nearly six months. However, he managed to release his new album titled “Sincerely, Kentrell” while he was still imprisoned. For those unversed, Youngboy was arrested on March 2021. It has gotten his devoted fans worried. Well, now when his release news has been surfacing online, fans are discussing it again. They are searching if NBA Youngboy has been released from jail or not. Check the details here.

Is NBA YoungBoy Released From Prison? What Did The Rapper Do To Get Arrested? Check Details

Let us inform you that the rapper is not free from jail yet. Although the said news has occupied the top trends, it is true that he is yet to be released. NBA Youngboy’s lawyers Andre Belanger and Drew Findling told TMZ that bail has been set for the rapper but he is not free as of now. It is also reported that the rapper got two options from the judge where the first option included him submitting $500k cash while the other one included him putting up $1.5 million worth of property. Apart from this, no further details regarding the matter have been reported.

NBA YoungBoy Free From Jail?

Besides, the date of the NBA Youngboy release has not been revealed either. Earlier this week, Radar reported that the rapper had proposed a plan through his lawyers where he asked the authorities to allow him to be released on a bond so that he can enjoy his brand-new home in Utah. It also came forward that the rapper told the judge that he would also hire his own security. However, in the past, Youngboy’s attempts at making a bond were shut down by the judge plenty of times. So far, the judge has refused to free the young rapper and claimed that he was a threat to society.

Well, some sections of people are still confused about the whole matter as they are searching for what did the rapper do. Let us tell you that in March this year, the news came to light that YoungBoy was arrested in Los Angeles due to a federal warrant. It was reported that he was taken into custody by the FBI as he had attempted to evade a traffic stop. The rapper was kept in a jail in St. Martin Parish. He was earlier indicted by a grand jury for possessing a firearm as a felon. Besides, he was also booked for keeping a firearm that was not registered under his name.


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