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Is Patricia Sitya Dead Or Alive? Patricia Nabakooza Death Hoax Rumours Explained!


Rumours are being spread about Patricia Sitya’s death. People are claiming that she has passed away. Is it true or a hoax? In this article, We will share complete details about Patricia Sitya’s death rumours. Patricia Sitya’s profession is a dancer. She is just 18 years old and young. In the lustful city, any person can be a target of assailants, she has also been advised by her female friends to stay away from such kinds of men. This personality can be seen in Form 5. She often hangs out with her teenage friends, their names are Vivian Tendo and Baby Loria.

Is Patricia Sitya Alive Or Dead?

She is said to be suffering from throat issues. According to the Triplets Ghetto Kids manager, Daouda Kavuma, Patricia started experiencing respiratory difficulties on Wednesday. Kavuma told one of his Boda cyclists to drive Patricia to Malcom Hospital for a checkup since he wasn’t at home at the moment. Currently, she is admitted to Nakasero Hospital. She is in bad condition at the moment, According to the sources. People want to know whether she is dead or alive.

Is Patricia Sitya Dead Or Alive?

Right now, Patricia Sitya is hospitalized as she is going through an illness. Rumours have stated that she is dead. Her death rumours are fake and she is alive. She is going through a rough time. She has been dancing and got famous in this profession. Her fellow dancers have prayed for her well-being. She is being taken care of at the Nakasero Hospital. She may recover soon as she is showing some positive signs of recovery. However, publically there was not much information about her illness. The Ghetto Kids Organization and her close ones have gathered together to pray for Patricia’s health.

Recently she has been in ICU. All over social media, her death rumours are being circulated. The good news is that she is recovering from her issues and is still alive.
No confirmation of her death is updated yet. She is being treated well and getting good in terms of health. We wish you a quick recovery, Patricia. Keep her in your prayers.
We tried our best to provide you guys with information about Patricia Sitya’s health.
As soon as we get any further information regarding this matter will update you guys.


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