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Is Tk Dlamini Dead Or Alive? Check Accident CCTV Footage Video, Death Hoax Are Real Or Fake?


Tk Dlamini is a very popular South African actor and television personality. Lately, he is in the headlines and buzzes all over the internet and social media. On Saturday 27 August came out on social media claiming that the popular star has passed away. Yes, you all read it right, there was a report which claimed that the popular star has passed away.

Tk Dlamini Dead Or Alive

This report regarding his death was spread all over social media and the internet. This news created a massive amount of buzz all over. Tk Dlamini is a very popular and famous star in South Africa and thus, it took no time, this news went viral all over social media. Everyone was shocked and flabbergasted to know that he has passed away. Internet was stirred up with public reactions to this sad news. No one could believe that the popular star has passed away. This was one of the most shattering news for everyone.

But later it was found out that these reports regarding his sudden and tragic passing away are not true. The latest reports have claimed that these reports are not true and they are just hoaxes. The news about his suede and tragic passing away is not true because this unfortunate news has not been confirmed by his family or any close friend and nor it has been reported or published by any reliable or authentic source. Thus these all are the prominent reasons why believing in this news is impossible.

No authentic and reliable source has claimed or nodded yes to these reports, and that’s the reason, why we are stating that the reports and claims regarding his sudden death are not true. In this era and age of social media and the internet, spreading any information and news is not a tough job, within no time, any information and news can get viral and create massive buzzes. Well, this development has its own pros and cons, you can clearly see in this case how this fake news created this massive stir on social media. All his fans and admirers were flabbergasted and pained to know that their favorite star passed away but now we would confirm again that the popular star is well and healthy. You need not worry about him. We would also request all our viewers that don’t fall for this fake and false information and news. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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