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Is Twene Jonas Dead or Still Alive? TikToker Spread Fake Rumors of Twene Jonas


There is a shocking piece of Twene Jonas’s death news that is rapidly circulating on the internet on which many people and his fans are replying that its a fake news or he is still alive. His death news is getting too much attention and popularity on the internet or social media mostly on TikTok that he was being shot and no more. Many people are expressing their sadness wheater many are saying its a fake news, so we made an article on this topic and shared the complete information related to this news and discuss some more information related to him in this article.

Is Twene Jonas Dead or Still Alive?

As per the exclusive news and information, a tiktoker spread his death on TikTok and later this news began running on many other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. In this rumor, the tiktoker shared that he died in New York City after being shot by an unknown gang. Many people also shared their responses on the Internet and commented that this is a kind of fake news. Twene is not replied to this fake news but it is confirmed that he is still alive and this was fake news of his death. There is not much information is coming forward related to this news.

Is Twene Jonas Dead or Still Alive?

He is a social media commenter and is most popular for trolling Ghana, its people, and its leaders. He has a large number of fans around the world and on his social media accounts. He was born on 16 June 1991 in Kumasi, Ghana, and become a successful movie director. He is currently 30 years old and receiving huge popularity recently and nowadays. His net worth is around $5 million and he is a Ghanaian Youtube content creator movie director and influencer. He is the founder of Royal Jonas Films and one of the most beloved people in his family, friends, and loved ones.

This news is continuously receiving a great response from his fans and many of his fans and loved ones are expressing their reaction to this news. He is most popular in Ghana and America and he has always criticized the Ghanaians and African leaders for their poor management. There are many videos are available on the internet that explains the fake news of popular celebrity and some users of social media shares these kinds of fake news to gain popularity and attention theater many time popular celebrity shared and announced their own fake death news to know how much their love them.


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