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Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Riya trying to trap Ahaan


In the recent episodes of Ishk Par Zor Nahi, we are watching that Ahaan and Ishqi finally got married. While Ahaan is trying to make Ishqi feel special. Whereas Ishqi ger her hands something quite weird. She came to know that Ahaan is the son of Savitri. She also reveals the secret of Durga Devi and her husband either. As of now, Riya comes to Ahaan and asks him to go to his wife. Ahaan says it is none of your business, but Riya raises her voice and asks him to leave.

Savitri there warns Ishqi that if Durga Devi will come to know that you are aware of her son’s and my truth she will spoil your life as well. Ishqi encourages Savitri and says the truth will reveal in front of everyone. Dadi there is pretending sickness, after examining her the doctor says that she is fine. Dadi frowns at him and he changes the statement by saying that she will be fine. Kartik is guessing might  Dadi is faking all this just to spoil Ahaan and Ishqi’s first night. But Sonu says you are thinking anything. Ahaan is reminiscing Riya’s statement.

Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Episode


Ahaan then apologises to Ishqi and says that he knows this night meant a lot to us, but Dadi is my primary concern. Ishqi says it doesn’t matter at all. Later, Dadi asks Ishqi and Ahaan to stay in the hospital with her. Ishqi thinks that Dadi is quite clever but she never gets success in her evil plans. Just then Kartik comes to Ahaan and says Dadi is all fine but Ahaan stops him in between. Kartik tries a lot to make Ahaan understand, but Ahaan didn’t listen to him at all. Kartik leaves and Ahaan and Ishqi spend their first night in the hospital.

The next morning Ahaan and Ishqi return home along with Dadi. Chachi says that there are some marriage rituals that are yet to be performed. Ahaan there is smelling a rat in Riya’s words and decides to investigate the things. Ishqi asks Ahaan you are looking tense, Ahaan replies that he will return in a while. Ahaan goes to Riya where she pretending doing argue with her mother about the baby.

Ishqi there is talking with Sonu, Ishqi asks if everything is going fine between them. Sonu says yes, she further says only a mother protect her child as she protected her. Sonu says her mother betrayed them, she hugs Ishqi and cries. The episode ends, stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Update.


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