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Ishk Par Zor Nahi IPZN 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan To Know About Rhea’s Pregnancy


High-voltage drama is getting to see in the popular TV serial Ishq Par Zor Nahi. After so many twists and turns the lead characters of the show, Ishqi and Ahaan tied the knot. The pair finally got married to each other and their fans took a breath of relief as they were highly anticipating the couple’s wedding. In today’s episode, Ishqi comes to Ahaan and they go towards the poolside. After spending quality time, Ishqi taunts Ahaan that he is not a bit romantic. Instead of getting triggered, Ahaan bursts into laughter while Ishqi also laughs.

Ishk Par Zor Nahi IPZN 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan To Know About Rhea's Pregnancy

Later, Ishqi thinks about her previous meet with Ahaan’s mother Savitri. She thinks how she had said that her children only hate her. Ishqi had promised her that she will try everything to reunite her with Ahaan but Savitri had suspected that. She had told her that it would be of no use as Ahaan will never love her but Ishqi told her that there was a time, when she came to know about her Mausaji and Ahaan had shown his support so he would definitely understand her. Savitri had stated that the situation was different since it was not about going against Dadi.

Ishqi comes back to reality and sees that Ahaan is telling her how he is very romantic. Ahaan comes closer to kiss Ishqi when Dadi calls him. He picks up the call and gets shocked knowing that Dadi is ill and lying on the bed. The couple immediately gets up and go to her room to check. Meanwhile, Sarla enters the room and taunts Ishqi for being a stroke of bad luck for the family and the house. While Dadi is lying unconscious on the bed. Ishqi notices that Dadi’s feet fingers are moving and she understands that she is only pretending to be ill.

Ishqi attempts to wake Dadi up but the latter doesn’t even move. Ahaan informs the members that the resort doesn’t have any availability of the doctor so they have to take Dadi to the hospital only. Ishqi doesn’t believe that Dadi could be this selfish. However, in the next scene, they reach the same hospital where Savitri is admitted. She gestures to the doctor not to disclose Savitri to the family. Rhea also eaches the hospital for her daily check-up. When Ahaan was returning to the ward after bringing medicines for Dadi, he hears the nurse telling a person to call her husband since the woman is pregnant. Ahaan finds out that the woman is Rhea.



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