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Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Update 28-6-2021 Today’s Episode: Ahaan Gets Angry At Ishqi


The latest episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahi begins with a worried Ahaan. He is worried as Ishqi has gone missing. Ahaan thinks hard about the places she could visit at but nothing hits his mind. He doesn’t leave a single place to investigate but unfortunately, he couldn’t find Ishqi. At last, Ahaan gets concerned about whether someone has kidnapped Ishqi or has gone somewhere with her own consent. He goes to his brother and tells him about Ishqi and keeps asking him if she has gotten kidnapped. Ahaan begins to panic which concerns Vivan.

Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Update 28-6-2021 Today's Episode: Ahaan Gets Angry At Ishqi

Vivan asks Ahaan not to lose his calm as they will soon find the girl. Later, the brother duo goes in search of Ishqi. Vivan suggests to Ahaan that they should try calling Ishqi’s friends as it might help him find her possible location. The brothers get extremely worried when they couldn’t find Ishqi even after interrogating her friends. They wonder where she could have gone all of a sudden and prays if they could get any single hint regarding her current location. Ishqi’s friends and colleagues also don’t give them any clue.

However, Ahaan begins to think if Vivaan is hiding the location of Ishqi. He interrogates him but Vivaan tries to make him understand that he doesn’t know anything. Another side, Ishqi is seen sitting in a hospital. She is shocked to find out the truth. Later, she decides to go back to the house. Ahaan gets shocked seeing her there and questions her about her whereabouts. Ishqi doesn’t say anything. Ahaan gets mad and tells her that if she has any idea how worried he has gotten after she has gone missing but still gets no answer from her.

In the previous episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahi, it was shown that Dadi has tied Ishqi to a chair while Kartik found out that it was Riya’s mother who filed a complaint against Mayank. Later, Ahaan and Ishqi get into an argument where Ahaan accused her of always trying to be right and ignoring the family and relationships amidst all of this. While it is also revealed that the Pandit has lied about ishqi faulting her stars, she is perfectly fine. So, she shouldn’t have to marry a tree to get fine. Undoubtedly, the show is going a lot interesting with every new episode telecast. Let’s see what happens next in the story.


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