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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Ahaan Expresses His Feelings To Ishqi


In the latest episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahin Ishqi and Ahaan are restless as Ishqi is going and Ahaan agrees to the marriage. Ishqi’s Maasi asks if you didn’t sleep all night. Ishqi says as she is quite excited about going to Singapore. Ahaan there is continuously thinking of Ishqi. Kartik says your destiny is playing games along with you. Ahaan says it doesn’t matter at all now for him. Ishqi is also thinking about Ahaan and ponder that he won’t create any problem. Just then Riya asks Ahaan to check out the decorations. She also says that she isn’t believing that he got agreed for married.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Ahaan Expresses His Feelings To Ishqi

Kartik still makes Ahaan realise that he falls for Riya, but Dadi interrupts him and asks don’t talk like that. But Ahaan says that he is really happy with this marriage, Kartik asks if he is sure. Dadi frowns at Kartik. Sonu there asks Raj about her necklace but Raj is quiet. Sonu asks Raj to say something about why are tolerating all the problems alone by keeping things to himself only. But Raj leaves from there and goes to Sarla to figure out the things.

Kartik still realising to Ahaan that he still has time and can stop Ishqi. Dadi is appreciating all the arrangements. Kartik makes a call to Ishqi, she appreciates him for being a good friend. Kartik says that you and Ahaan are doing to live a new life now. Kartik shows decoration to Ishqi and she gets sad. While Riya’s mother asking her to confess her pregnancy to Ahaan. Whereas Ishqi is thinking that Ahaan expresses his love to Ishqi. Just then Riya comes and Ahaan says that he accepts you as my wife Ishqi. Riya aghast and starts sobbing. Everyone gets stunned hearing this. Kartik looks on and grins. Mehta reprimands Ahaan. Ahaan then confesses that he can’t do all this anymore.

Dadi looks at Ahaan and scolds him, but he apologised to Dadi and says that he has to go now. Ahaan starts running and Kartik goes after him. Somehow, Ahaan manages to reach the airport but Ishqi goes to use the washroom as a girl spills water on her dress. Ahaan thinks that Ishqi has gone but just then Ishqi comes there. Ahaan calls her out and rushes to her. He gets elated seeing Ishqi. The episode ends, get all Ishk Par Zor Nahin written update on Social Telecast.


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