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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th June 2021: Ahaan and Ishqi Get Married Written Update


In the latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahi, we will watch that Ahaan is asking the priest who bribed him to lie. The priest discloses Riya’s parent’s name while Riya gets bemused why the priest is lying to Ahaan. But Riya comes in between and blames Dadi. Ahaan backs Dadi, but Riya says that she has a wicked mind. Riya continues if you don’t believe her he can ask himself. Ahaan says that he isn’t doing anything just because of ethics his Dadi taught him, otherwise, all the evidence are against you. Just then the inspector orders to arrest Riya and her associates but Chachi refuses any arrest.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th June 2021: Ahaan and Ishqi Get Married Written Update

Ahaan says Ishqi didn’t abandon him, she got kidnapped and now he is going to marry her right away. Ishqi is resting when Sonu along with Chachi come to her. Sonu asks Ishqi to be dressed. She is talking to her Maasi and tells her that Ahaan wasn’t there when I need him. Maasi tells her that it doesn’t matter now. Ishqi arrived at the canopy and continuously thinking that Ahaan doesn’t have faith in her. But at the same time, Ahaan apologises to Ishqi and says he will always trust her no matter what.

But Ishqi is in a dilemma that if anything will happen to her in the future whether Ahaan trusts her or ask for proof. Later, the priest asks for the ritual of Kanyadan, Ahaan says Ishqi’s Maasi will complete the ritual. The priest completes all the rituals of marriage and they take the blessing of all the elders. Kartik is immensely happy and says now they official become Ishqaan and cracks a joke.

Kartik cheers everyone and says it is the time for celebration. Ishqi asks Ahaan to tell her the truth. But Ahaan says a husband never learn to lie to his wife. Ishqi then asks Ahaan why didn’t come to save me. Ahaan says he was about to come, Ishqi interrupts her in between and says you wait for proof. Ahaan then goes to Dadi and appreciates her, Dadi printing her happiness in front of them. Kartik tries to convince Ishqi and tells her that Ahaan believes in her. Ishqi inwardly thinks it would be difficult to survive in a relationship without trust. The episode ends, get Ishq Par Nahi Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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