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Ishk Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) 9th June 2021: Mayank Comes Back In Today’s Written Episode


In the recent episodes of Ishk Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Maasa found Ishqi and Maasi. He hits Ishqi and about to throw a stone at her, but got saved by Ahaan. Maasa leaves from there and Ahaan tries to convince Ishqi to leave this job. In the fresh episode, we will see that the Manager comes and asks Ishqi to return to her job. But Ahaan says that it is alright and she doesn’t need to clean his room. But Ishqi says she will get done with the room and will return to the restroom. Manager leaves from there.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) 9th June 2021: Mayank Comes Back In Today's Written Episode

Ahaan asks what is wrong with you, he further says that still, you aren’t appreciating even I got your job back. Ishqi apologises to him and then say thanks. Ahaan says that it is his fiance’s resort and you are just an ordinary employee here. He says that it would be better for you that we are returning tomorrow and leaves. Ishqi says that she is doing all this for Sonu only. Ahaan joins the guests and Ishqi comes behind her to inform them of the breakfast.

Kartik appreciates Ishqi while Sonu apologised Ishqi. But Ishqi thanks her to save her from Mayank. Ishqi tells Sonu that she should disclose this truth to Raj. Sonu says that she tried many times but the past is past. At the same time, Mayank comes there and wishes everyone there. Ahaan also greets and hugs him and Dadi asks about his father. Mayank says that he is in a coma. Dadi and Sarla start bad-mouthing for Ishqi.

Sarla says that Mayank will be sliced his wrist again if Ishqi comes to meet him. Dadi gets to agree with her. Ahaan asks Chachi about Mausa, she replies that he ran away. Raj asks Sonu why Mayank is lying, Sonu says that Mayank is a mythomaniac. He wants to create misunderstanding between us. Mayank asks why are you telling me this now.

Raj says that Mayank won’t stay with us anymore and he doesn’t care for anyone now. Mayank there is again planning to spoil Sonu’s life. He inwardly thinks that now even Ishqi can’t save you from me. He says that he wipes out Ishqi and now I am coming for you. You can grab the all-new episode on Sony Tv at 9:30 PM. Get all Ishk Par Zor Nahin written update here at Social Telecast.


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