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Ishk Par Zor Nahin IPZN Written Episode: Savitri Reveals Truth To Ishqi 30th June 2021 Update


The latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin starts with Ahaan goes to Dadi and tries to make her understand. She says I ain’t that bad, she further says that it is true she doesn’t like Ishqi more but your happiness is my prime concern. Kartik comes and says Kartik has faith in you, he says that Kartik was determined that you hadn’t written that letter. Ishqi is also feeling guilty that he doubts Ahaan. Kartik says Ahaan didn’t lose faith in you. Ishqi decides that from now on she won’t doubt Ahaan and keep any secret from him.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin IPZN Written Episode: Savitri Reveals Truth To Ishqi 30th June 2021 Update

Ishqi received a call and she leaves from there. Dadi there thinks that Ishqi will snatch Ahaan from her. Just then Ahaan goes to her room. Ahaan looks for Ishqi, but Ishqi is talking along with the doctor and asking about Savitri’s condition. The doctor replies that the situation is out of control and saying the same name repeatedly. She asks the doctor to meet her once as she has to go home. She sees Savitri saying she wants her son back and calling for Ahaan.


Ishqi goes to Savitri and asks her what happened to her. Savitri says she just wants her son back. Ishqi asks about her son, she says Ahaan Veer Malhotra is her son. Ishqi stunned to hear this, meanwhile, Ishqi again gets Ahaan’s call. Savitri again asks Ishqi to take her to her children. While Ishqi is interacting along with Ishqi, she says that she got married to her son today and I am your daughter in law. Ishqi takes her blessing and then asks Savitri again that what happened to her.

Savitri later disclosed that her mother in law, Ahaan’s Dadi tried to kill me. Ishqi is aghast hearing this. Ahaan there is planning something for Ishqi, Dadi comes to her and asks if he wants any sort of assistance. Ahaan denies and tells her that he is going to do everything alone for Ishqi. Savitri there is revealing things, she says that Durga Devi compelled him to send Mental Asylum even she is mentally fine completely.

She is not like what she looks like, she provokes my children against me that I cheated on them just for money. Savitri also tells her husband that he is an alcoholic and used to beat me ruthlessly and treated me like an animal. But just to boast of her family’s prestige she proved me mentally ill instead of saying anything to her son. Tune in to Sony Tv at 9:30 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast regarding more Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Episode.


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