Home Entertainment Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Episode 25th June 2021: Ishqi Gets Kidnapped

Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Episode 25th June 2021: Ishqi Gets Kidnapped


The latest episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahin starts with the marriage ritual of Ishqi and Ahaan. Maasi says Ishqi knows how to do this. Ishqi leaves from there and Dadi starts sobbing and says she knows Ishqi won’t do it. She asks Ahaan to convince Ishqi anyhow. Ahaan goes to Ishqi while Ishqi is asking her Maasi to support her. Ahaan tries to convince her she refuses. Ishqi asks if she is just like a thing. Ahaan says that he hasn’t a problem with your thinking you are right but do this for Dadi. Ahaan says she lost her son and now highly concerned for her. Ahaan tells her that she blames herself for his father’s death. He asks Ishqi to think once and goes.

Kartik comes to Ahaan and asks if you manage to convince Ishqi. Kartik starts arguing with Ahaan. He says to Kartik that he is already stressed. Kartik suggests Ahaan convincing Dadi. Ahaan says he is only doing this for his family. Kartik tells Aahan to think of himself at Ishqi’s place and the priest asks him to get married to a goat. It would be humiliating. Riya gets happy seeing her plan is working.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Episode

Ishqi and Massi are talking to each other and Ishqi again says that is much humiliating. But she has to do this for Ahaan’s Dadi. Just then Riya comes and shows that she is with Ishqi in this. Ishqi says even Riya wouldn’t have agreed with this, but Maasi asks her to focus on Dadi’s words. Ahaan goes to Dadi and says that she thinks it is enough now. If Ishqi doesn’t agree with the ritual she can leave it and starts crying. Ahaan says he will try to convince Ishqi once more. Dadi thinks that Ahaan is going to break his alliance with Ishqi this time.

Ahaan goes to Ishqi, but instead of Ishqi, Ahaan gets her letter wherein she has written that she can’t do this and she is leaving from there. Ahaan gets stunned reading the letter and calls Maasi. Ahaan gets disappointed with Ishqi. Dadi along with Sarla tries to provoke Ahaan against Ishqi. But Kartik smells of rat and tells Sonu that there is something wrong for sure. Sonu suggests him telling everything to Ahaan. They can’t get separated due to misunderstandings. Ishqi gets kidnapped and comes to her senses. Ishqi thinks of Ahaan and thinks he will come to save her for sure. Whereas Ahaan hasn’t any foggiest idea about Ishqi. Tune in to Sony Tv at 9:30 PM and get further Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update on Social Telecast.


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