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Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update IPZN 27th July 2021 Episode: Dadi Gets Arrested


The episode begins Ahaan is coming to Ishqi. Dadi is disappointed as Savitri again managed to escape from her trap and all because of Ishqi. She thinks that it would be difficult to again trap Savitri. She worries if she discloses her secret to Ahaan. Ahaan reaches the hospital and Massi says Ahaan is here while Ishqi gets tensed. Sarla calls Dadi and asks Dadi to get ready for her kitty party. Ahaan asks Ishqi that why didn’t she inform him if she wasn’t feeling well. Ishqi asks Ahaan how did he find out that she is here.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update IPZN 27th July 2021 Episode: Dadi Gets Arrested

Ahaan then tells Ishqi that he installed an app on your phone with which he will get to know if you are down with something. Maasi then says that Ahaan loves you the most. Ishqi is still worrying if the Doctor reveals Savitri’s name and manipulates the doctor. Later, they all leave the hospital and Ishqi goes with Ahaan. They both reach home, and Ahaan again tells Ishqi that she should have better inform me if you are sick rather than informing Maasi. But Ishqi again managed to change the topic.

Dadi goes to Sarla’s kitty party and Sarla starts exaggerating the decoration of her party. Dadi gets irritated and inwardly thinks that she always spare her just because of Sonu. Just then Riya comes along with her mother and taunts Dadi. But Dadi counters Riya and she fumes. Suraj then says that they have to taste Dadi of her own medicine. Sarla then shows Dadi that someone is noticing her. Dadi gets tensed and asks them that she is leaving. Ahaan there is getting romantic along with Ishqi and about to kiss her when Ishqi fools her and run away.

Ahaan also plays tricks, he coughs and sits on the couch. Ishqi comes there and asks if he is fine. Ahaan catches her and says that he is telling her for the last time to kiss him or accept that he is more romantic than her, Ishqi kisses him and Kartik again comes calling Ahaan, Ahaan gets irritated and grunts what is his problem. Ahaan goes to see him and Kartik informs that Dadi got arrested by the Police. They get stunned after hearing this and the episode ends. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Updates.


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