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Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update: Ishqi Has Fault In Her Stars 24 June 2021 Episode


In the recent episodes of Ishk Par Zor Nahin, we have watched that the Riya registered a complaint on Ishqi’s name. The police inspector comes there and says that they proceed with the case of harassing Sonu by Mayank. All get an awestruck hearing this. Sarla starts blaming Ahaan’s family, says that they all are fraud. While Dadi and Riya try to instigate Ahaan against Ishqi. Sarla is crossing her limits when Ishqi comes to confront her and starts arguing with her. Ishqi says we already knew if we disclose this secret then the result was unfavourable for us and the same is happening now.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update: Ishqi Has Fault In Her Stars 24 June 2021 Episode

Ishqi further says saving Sonu’s marriage was the only reason behind hiding this secret from all of you. Sonu comes in support of Ishqi and says Sonu bears the price of my loss. Sonu apologises to Ishqi and says she bothered her a lot. But Sarla still not understand and leaves from there. But Raj backs Sonu and asks Sarla that she is doing right by leaving if she can’t support Sonu. Raj says he is beside Sonu. Sarla reprimands Raj and refuses to come. Raj stands in Sonu’s support. Riya against tries to provoke everyone against Ishqi.

Kartik goes to negotiate with the Inspector, Kartik asks if he can get the CCTV footage of the girl who filed this complaint. Inspector gets agreed and says you will get the video by tomorrow. Riya again tries to plan something to defeat Ishqi. Ahaan comes to Ishqi and her thanks him to believe in her. Ishqi says she won’t let anything happen with Sonu. While Dadi and Riya glare at them. Ishqi applies Haldi to Ahaan and they both hug. Dadi is highly disappointed with Riya’s plan.

Raj atones Sonu for his mother and says that he will never leave her alone. Sonu appreciates Raj for his concern and says Sarla is not going to accept me as a part of your family anymore. Meanwhile, Sarla comes, Raj says Sarla has crossed the line, but Sarla apologised to Raj and Sonu. She asks them to return home. She hugs them both and recalls Ginni word’s to pretend to be sweet in front of Raj and Sonu. Raj appreciates Sarla. Sonu is getting prepared for Ishqi’s wedding and wishes her a happy married life.

Just then the priest comes there and checks her Kundli, Sonu asks what is it. Ishqi says that it just for formality. Sonu says but Dadi believes in all that, but the priest tells something weird that faints her. Chachi comes and informs Ishqi that she faults her stars for which she has to rectify by a ritual. But Ishqi denies it. The episode ends with this, get all further Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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