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Ishk Par Zor Nhi Latest 14th June 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Ishqi Accuses Ahaan Of Abandonment


The recent episode of Ishq Per Zor Nhi will start where Ishqi makes a plan to go away so that, she can fulfil her all dreams meantime she unleashes one more reason that it will help her to go away from Ahaan. But when Ahaan comes to know about her this step he gets worried because he does not expect this from her. So now the story is ready to take an interesting twist under which, you won’t able to shift your eyes a bit from them. To get to know more check the details below.

Ishk Par Zor Nhi Latest 14th June 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Ishqi Accuses Ahaan Of Abandonment

┬áThen he expresses his feelings by saying that it’s not appropriate if he becomes a reason for someone’s sorrow and abandonment. Then he comes to Ishqi and brings her to a private space and asks her the reason that what’s the reason of her abandonment, could she elaborates to him. He even mentions that the job for which she is leaving for him literally matters a lot for her, so it’s not appropriate enough. Meanwhile, urges her that there is no need to go anywhere else.

After hearing all the questions she starts screaming at Ahaan and accuses him by saying that he is the main reason for her abandonment. Because he helped her a lot regarding the job and she thanks him as well, Later Ahaan taunts her by saying that ” On its fine, because she wanted this for a long time” and now she is ready to manage everything equally at a level. Then she mentions that 6 months ago she has lost everything due to Ahaan which was also terrific for her.

Then he starts apologizing to her by saying that literally, he has realized his mistakes, and meanwhile, requests her to stay here. But after hearing all this she gets upset because her heart got shattered and everything takes time for healing. Ahead Ishqi mentions that he is too rich and whenever he wants to dishonor someone, he does without thinking and she is not rich enough and does not have a big heart like him so please do not insist on her.

Then she says that if he does a mistake and dishonors someone in front of many people so he should also apologize in front of them. But he always apologizes silently so that, no one knows about him meanwhile, Ahaan says that he accepts his mistakes and if despite all that she does not feel like accepting his apology so he accepts that too. So many people want to know the whole story of the episode, so do not miss watching it on Sony Television at 09:30 PM.


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