Home Entertainment Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Riddhimaa Ges Kidnapped

Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Riddhimaa Ges Kidnapped


The upcoming episode of Ishq Mai Marjawan will begin where Riddhimaa gets injured brutally and in trauma as well, she seems a bit suspicious. Meanwhile, Vansh arrives there and asks her the reason behind these injuries, but she does not reply to him and goes from there. But Vansh keeps on asking her because he has never seen her in this condition, at the same time she turns towards him and asks how his hand gets injured, which he is hiding from her.

Then you will watch that Vansh goes to the hospital and talking about his motto meanwhile, mentions that even if she is Riddimaa but he has to make it slow, at any cost no matter what happens. But the main reason is that Riddimaa is hurt by his wording, and later he asks to make her more injured. But spontaneously she says that her injury will take some time for healing, and mentions that these injuries will heal but what about her emotions.

Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 Written Episode

After that, Vansh also says the same and at the same time, Riddhimaa makes him familiar with his real face. Later, Vansh goes to meet a strange person under which they converse that their focus is clear enough. Meanwhile, he assures him that he is ready to execute his plan but many obstacles are coming in his way. One of which is Riddhimaa who is standing in his way of executing his plan, and because of her their plan might be failed.

Then he says that she will make more obstacles in his way for sure because her intentions are too clear and he can see them equally well. Meantime, mentions that she is making him distract towards his plan and conspiracies, which is inappropriate. Later, says that she will definitely come to stop him but he will never let her do this no matter what happens. Hence, he wants to take his support in his plan because he does not want to make it ruin at any cost.

Then Vansh expresses his belief towards the strange man by saying that he will never make his disappointed for sure. During their conversation spontaneously Riddhimaa comes and hears everything, and goes from there while thinking that who was that suspicious man with whom Vansh was talking. Then she comes into the room and finds that no one is sitting there and suddenly she gets kidnapped. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 07:00 Pm and for further details connect with us.


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