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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Check Written Update: Riddhima Gets Kidnapped 15th June 2021 Episode


The episode begins where Riddhima says that she has contacted Thapa to interrogate him for the previous circumstances, and he informed her that he has told her to sent her back. Then says it seems that he went to prepare lame documents, meanwhile, he says that she should not go to leave him alone. Because later they will have to face troubles to find each other and meanwhile, asks that did he made plan to leave her. But Vansh makes her console by saying that he can not even think to leave her alone and she always is with her.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Check Written Update: Riddhima Gets Kidnapped 15th June 2021 Episode

Then Angre arrives at Vansh and says that anger is like liquor because both are venomous for humans. Sponteniuoslt he unleashes that Riddhimaa was about to leave him alone, Angre says that give her some time to think about it. Then Angre goes towards the room and apologizes and she says that he can sleep peacefully. Extempore both thanks each other for being a part of their life. Then she says that let her help by herself and she makes his t-shirt puts off and sees that scar on his back.

After that, She asks him about the scars but he refuses to tell her anything and she gives him a swear and Angre says that nothing it’s just a misunderstanding with the boss. She gets shocked to hear this and therefore she comes to Vansh but he says her to go back because he is in anger. Then she says why he is too angry because she is not favoring him in his plan, so just think once about her perception as well. Then says that sometimes anger comes when we see such faces which we should not have seen.

Then she makes a call to Thapa and introduces her by saying that she is Ishani angre’s wife who called him by her name. Then says that listen to her carefully that if he does not give her caller’s number so she will get him killed for sure. Then he agrees to give her numbers, then she gets Riddhima’s number and says that now no one can make him save. Another side, Vansh crushes rose and says that it’s a reality for her but she tries to make him understand and he says that he does not want to see her face.

Then he starts drinking liquor after a while, Angre comes and he informs that he sent Riddhimaa from here, and she went along with her essential things. Then Angre asks what is the reason behind this, he replies that he said everything in anger but it does not mean that she goes into reality. Another side, Riddhima is crying and thinking that she will convince him for sure. But suddenly someone hits her head she gets unconscious and gets kidnapped. So do not forget to stream it on Colors at 07:00 Pm and for further details connect with us.


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