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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest 22-6-2021 Written Update IMMJ2: Riddhima’s Pregnancy Gets Revealed Today


The upcoming episode of Ishq Mai Marjawan begins where Riddhima becomes a victim of a big conspiracy because someone hits her head through which she gets fainted. Later, she finds someone in the hospital and gets shocked because she did not expect it, and she starts interrogating a doctor who brought her here. Then he informed that they took her ultrasound test, and reports are coming in a while, and meanwhile, Siya, Dadi, and Ishani arrive there. Then say that she sent them messaged to come here and Dadi is curious to know everything.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest 22-6-2021 Written Update IMMJ2: Riddhima's Pregnancy Gets Revealed Today

Then Riddhimaa justifies herself by saying that she did not send any message and meanwhile, Doctor gives them her report and informs them that she and her baby both are safe. Then Vyom catches Riddhimma and says that she should thank him because he urged the doctor to change the reports. But she says that there is no need to do any favour on her because she does not need this, then he says that why she killed her baby. Then says that he needs to know the reason behind it otherwise he will kill her.

After that, Angre says that he heard her conversation on pregnancy that she is not pregnant but Doctor said that everything is normal in reports. Then Angre makes a call to Doctor and starts threatening him and says that he will have to speak the truth. Then he admits that someone gave him a bribe for lying but he could not see the face of the culprit. Then Dadi says makes the call disconnected and says that what is the reason behind this conspiracy and meanwhile, she calls Riddhimaa.

Then Dadi starts interrogating Riddhimaa that how could she told them a lie but she still, disagrees with Dadi and says that they have shown the ultrasound reports also. So there is no need to doubt her meanwhile, Dadi says that someone gave a bribe to the doctor for lying. But Riddhimaa still, sticks on her words and says that she is pregnant, and Dadi says that she is going to give birth to a baby of Singhaniya’s and if she does something wrong with it so she will never forgive her.

Then Riddhimaa says that now it’s enough because now she will never tolerate it more because she has given them all evidence to prove her pregnancy. Then Dadi says that Vansh will come within 8 hours, but Angre says that before his arrival they will come to know the truth for sure. Then Dadi says that they have only 7 hours to expose her and Angre agrees with her later, he goes to Riddhima and makes her understand that after so many attempts their relations became normal, and if this time something gets happened wrong so it will make them separate for forever.


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