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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest Episode 21st June 2021: Riddhima & Ishani Get Into A Verbal Spat


The recent episode of Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 will start where Riddhima gets a note along with a doll in which someone wrote that ” why she killed her baby”. She gets shocked to read that meanwhile, Ishani and the rest of the family members arrive there and asks her what happened. Vyom also arrives and wonders that it seems like someone knows her secret, Then Siya says that why she called them here through the message. Spontaneously Ishani says that she is unable to understand anything ad she leaves the place.

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Then Dadi also unleashes that Vansh made a will around 100 crores for his kids whose nominee is Riddhima. Meanwhile, Chanchal comes to Ishani and asks her to put on appropriate clothes. Then reveals that she does not think that Riddhima is pregnant because it seems that she is doing a drama. Extempore assures her that they will have to expose her in front of the entire family because Vansh also about to come over morrow. Then Roddhima arrives at her room and thinks about Black Mamba because she has doubts that he could be related to her family.

After that, Chanchal comes to her room and says to Riddhima that she should take some rest because she is pregnant. Meanwhile, she does such things which can divert her mind and she can check her room so that, she can get evidence against her. Another side, Ishani says that she needs a speaking doll, so makes a call to the retailer but he informs her that still, it is out of stock. But she says that whenever he will get it just inform her because she needs to take it because only it can help her to expose Riddhima.

Then Angre comes outside from the pool and informs her that he bought the doll as a present for Riddhimaa because he wanted to give her. But he does not know that someone also knows their secret besides them. Then Chanchal says that they should inform Dadi that Riddhima is not pregnant, hence, they reveal her truth ahead of her. Then Dadi and all family members start interrogating her and meanwhile, Riddhima  advises Ishani to stay away from her matters

Then Riddhima tries to overturned the circumstances and says that Chanchan should not have checked her purse without permission. Meanwhile, she assures them that she and her baby both are safe and says that if they both have evidence against her pregnancy so they can show them. Then Ishani says that they should bring her for an ultrasound test which will show them the truth behind her pregnancy. But after hearing this, Riddhimaa slaps her and says that she does not need to take any test. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 07:00 Pm and for further information connect with us.


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