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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Today’s Written Episode 18th June 2021: Ishani Suspects Riddhima


Today’s written episode of Ishk Mein Marjawan begins with Riddhima who is presently in a tea garden. She sits beside a graveyard and apologizes to Vansh inside her head. She keeps saying that she shouldn’t have done this and cries harder. She says that if Vansh finds out about this then he will break down so she prays that the latter never comes to know about this. Ridhima continues that she murdered him and snatched his life and that she is sorry. In the next scene (12 hours ago), Riddhima wakes up from her sleep.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode

She calls Vansh but gets no response. Later, she goes to the bathroom and screams after seeing blood coming out from the tap while a picture pasted on the mirror with the tag “Miss Murderer”. She gets shocked thinking that someone knows her dark secret and gets frightened. Meanwhile, Siya comes to the room making Riddhima suspect her. Siya tells her that she didn’t do all of this and that she came to check up on her after hearing her scream.

Siya asks Riddhima to believe that she loves her and that she has not done anything.┬áLater, Riddhima goes to question Sara about the incident. Sara doesn’t hesitate and calls her murderer. Riddhima tells her that no one is supposed to know this but somehow a person knows the truth. Sara tells her that Black Mamba has done it taking Riddhima in surprise. Riddhima doesn’t believe and thinks about how could be behind all this. After a while, Riddhima notices a mysterious person going in a hoodie.

She tries to stop him by throwing a stick in his direction but the man manages to escape. Next, Angre comes into the room. Riddhima questions him about Vansh’s hereabouts. Angre tells her that he is alright. In the next scene, Riddhima faints and the family member gets worried about her. They take her to the room where after some time she gains her consciousness. Siya worriedly asks Riddhima if she is feeling good to which the latter nods.

However, Ishani thinks that Riddhima is certainly hiding something. Chanchal and Ishani plan to find out Riddhima’s secret. Another side, Riddhima attends a call and she gets shocked. Meanwhile, Siya comes again. Riddhima schools her to keep coming to her room. Siya apologizes and hands her a letter which makes Riddhima break down into tears. The written episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 ends here only.


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