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Ishq Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Episode 14th July 2021: Ishqi Overhears Dadi’s Conversation


In the recent episodes of Ishq Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Ahaan archives success in his meeting and sign the contract papers. The man also informed Ahaan that can’t step back six months after signing this contract. Ahaan gets agreed, the man later says that you new client will invite you for the dinner, so, must attend the invitation. Ahaan nods yes and calls Ishqi and informs her about the dinner invitation. Ishqi along with the family reached the house of her client. Ishqi thinks that Ahaan will meet her mother today and they again get united.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Ishqi is about to leave for dinner but in the nick of the time Dadi stops her and if some sort of wheel is fitted in her feet she always roams outside. Ishqi informs her that she is going to Ahaan for the dinner at his new client’s adobe. So, she needs her new clothes kept at her Maasi’s house. Dadi asks her that she is coming along with, Ishqi tries to make excuses as Savitri is at her Massi’s house. Dadi doesn’t listen to her and goes along with Ishqi. Savitri there is scared to meet Ahaan after a long, but Massi encourages her.

Ishqi reaches her Massi’s house and rings the bell, Savitri comes to open the door without getting to know that Dadi that Durga Devi is standing outside with Ishqi. Savitri even opens the letch but at the right time, Savitri hears Durga Devi’s voice while she is speaking on call and hides. Massiji greets Dadi and ishqi, both enters and Ishqi promptly goes to Savitri crying badly, Ishqi consoles and encourages her. Dadi leaves from there and Ishqi asks Savitri to get prepared for the crunch time.

Ishqi and Ahaan are getting prepared for the dinner and Ahaan tries to put new earrings and necklace on Ishqi. Ahaan comes close to Ishqi and romance with her and about to kiss her when Kartik disturbed them. Kartik asks Ahaan for the tie, Ahaan gets annoyed and gives him the tie. Kartik teases Ishqi and Ishqi leaves from there. They all reached the client’s house and amazed to see the luxurious house. Later, Savitri comes and everyone gets shocked seeing her there. Savitri says that she is meeting her children after a long. She holds Ishqi and cries, Ahaan turns. He asks him to be seated.

Savitri introduced Ahaan, Sonu, and Kartik to Suraj. Ishqi asks Ahaan if she is your mother and touches her feet. Dadi is amazed and asks how did you reach here. Ahaan yells at her, but the manager says you have signed the contract with them. Ahaan says he is unaware. Savitri asks don’t take decisions promptly and asks everyone to leave from here. Dadi again provokes Ahaan against Savitri. Ahaan goes to the washroom to vent out his anger while Ishqi overhears Dadi’s conversation that how Savitri got saved from the accident.


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