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Ishq Par Zor Nahi IPZN Written Update 20th July 2021 Episode: Ishqi Saves Savitri


In the latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahi, we are watching that Savitri is explaining to Ahaan that she didn’t betray him. She further says that you signed this contract with your own consent. She says mother always help their children when they are in trouble. Ahaan says you don’t deserve to be my mother anymore, you lost all the rights the night you left us. Ahaan says I don’t want to get this business with you anymore. Just then Dadi again tricks Savitri by tempering her coffee and Ishqi noticed it.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi IPZN Written Update 20th July 2021 Episode: Ishqi Saves Savitri

Ishqi tries to save Savitri by consuming that drug pills, but Ahaan hears her voice. Ishqi hides again and looks on and Savitri there drinks the coffee. Dadi thinks now Savitri will create drama. Ishqi there thinks that all her planning will go in vain. Kartik and Sonu are trying to figure out what Riya heading up to. Savitri there doesn’t feel well and thinks Dadi again gives her that drugs. Ginni along with Sarla comes there Ishqi pushes a waiter on them and Sarla falls on Ginni. While Ginni and Sarla created nuisance Ishqi gets a chance of taking Savitri from there.

Ishqi just then calls Suraj and tells him everything and asks him to call the doctor. Ahaan along with Dadi leaves from there. Ishqi takes Savitri in a car while Dadi is pondering about Savitri. The doctor examines Savitri while Massi asks about Savitri. Ishqi tells everything to Maasi. Ahaan along with Dadi go to Savitri’s house and shouts. Suraj comes there and Ishqi is watching everything hiding. Suraj asks what is this behaviour, you don’t know that affluent businessmen always get swamped. He then asks we don’t compel you to sign that contract you signed of your own will. So, it is on you either follow the contract or get ready for the consequences.

Ahaan returns home and Ahaan is sitting disappointingly, Ishqi comes to him and tries to console him. Ahaan says you are surely regretting marrying me. Ishqi denies and says she is regretting your thinking. Ishqi tries to handle Ahaan, he says I will face every problem if you will beside me. Ahaan hugs Ishqi and cries. Savitri says this will surely disturb Ishqi and Ahaan relation. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and Ishq Par Zor Nahi Written Update.


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