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Ishq Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Update: Dadi Traps Savitri 23rd July 2021 Episode


The opening sequence of the latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin starts with Dadi is enquiring with the Doctor and staff to get back Savitri here. She then lashes out at the manager as he was about, to tell the truth to Ahaan. She handles the situation in the nick of the time. He assures Dadi not to take much stress. Ahaan there sees Ishqi while Sonu asks Ishqi to sit along with Ahaan, but Ishqi didn’t listen to her and sit away. Ahaan thinks that if you are seeing her attitude. Ahaan tells Ishqi no need to tell everyone that we had a fight.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Update: Dadi Traps Savitri 23rd July 2021 Episode

Ishqi then tells Kartik to order food for her and Ahaan suggest Kartik ordering diabetic food. Sonu says if you are diagnosed with Diabetes. Ishqi is giving her an order but Ahaan again interrupts and asks to bring Salad and Soup for her only. Ishqi and Ahaan throwing tantrums at each other. Savitri says perhaps Dadi give up that is why she invited me home. But Massi says that she still doubts Durga Devi. Savitri replies that she has to take things to a conclusion. Massi calls Ishqi to inform her what is going on, but Ishqi fails to attend the call. Meanwhile, Dadi calls Savitri, she replies that she is all on her way.

Ishqi is there to everyone that she has to leave now. Just then Savitri reaches Dadi’ house. Dadi asks Savitri don’t get afraid here. Savitri there is stressed where did everyone go. Dadi says it is something about you and me so what need of others. Savitri tries to call for help, but Dadi takes her phone from her. Kartik there is trying to re-unite Ishqi and Ahaan and call them for dance. But instead of dancing that starts arguing with each other.

Dadi there threatened Savitri and says you wanted to snatch Ahaan. She says I tried to kill you but you even take over the death. Raj says Ishqi’s Massi is calling again he should give the phone to Ishqi, but Kartik denies him and asks him to let them enjoy the moment. After the dance Raj gives the phone to her and she calls Maasi. Ahaan asks if everything is fine with them, Maasi informs Ishqi everything. Ishqi gets tensed while Savitri there is pleading with Dadi to return her phone.

Dadi again tries to threaten Savitri, but this Savitri confronts Dadi. Ishqi there is trying to connect Savitri. Ishqi feels the danger for Savitri. Dadi says that your game is going to end now and just then mental asylum staff come there. Savitri loses all the hopes and sobs. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update.


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