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Ishq Par Zor Nahi Today’s 26th July 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Dadi Threatens Savitri To Kill Her


The latest episode will make you experience some more drama tonight. The episode begins with, Savitri talking to Dadi saying that she left her drunken son because her kids were in danger at that time and she starts arguing with her. She says to Dadi that she knew it very well that her son used to torture her and she just had to save her children. You broke your own house just because of the false pride you always wanted to have, she then adds. Dadi gets angry at her listening and raises her hand towards her.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi Today's 26th July 2021 IPZN Written Episode: Dadi Threatens Savitri To Kill Her

While Savitri comes there and stops her hand, she says that she has born everything to stay away from her own kids. She says that she has been through every torture whether it electric shock or insults as well but the truth is that you allowed your son to do this hence he was doing that with her otherwise no one can gather much courage to do something like this. She says that she will reveal the truth to her children and unmask them to let them know how good their Dadi Ma is.

Dadi jibes her saying that to reveal the truth she must have to be here but her truth will die with her now and for that Dadi has done all the arrangements. She says that her goons will arrive here soon and then where will she go, Savitri gets shocked to listen to this. There, Kartik praises Ahaan saying he danced pretty well. Ahaan asks Ishqi if she is fine. While Ishqi thinks that she can’t tell him the truth. He asks her if she is fine, she replies that she is not feeling well and she is feeling dizzy, he asks her if she has got her sugar level checked. She replies that she forgot to take the insulting shot today.

He asks her to go home now, Kartik says that he will come after paying the bill. Ishqi thinks in herself that now she has to go with them, she then thinks that she has to go home to get her mom safe from her Dadi. As you all know that the show is turning hot with every episode and as a fight is going on between Dadi and Savitri so seeing this will be a way better deal to watch. So watch the complete episode tonight at 9:30 PM and to read more further updates on the show stay tuned with us.


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