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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 11th June 2021 Latest Episode Written Update: Ahaan Is Bemused For Marriage


In the latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Dadi is pondering to get rid of Ishqi now. Riya’s mother comes there and reprimands Riya and asks her to do something otherwise you will lose Ahaan forever. Ahaan is recalling when Ishqi told him the truth is talking along with Ahaan, she didn’t want to marry Mayank. She was already in doubt but her doubt got rigid after she came to know that Mayank could stoop so low. She tells that she is glad that Sonu is fine. Tears come out from Ahaan’s eyes after hearing this.

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Ahaan is feeling guilty because he misbehaved much to Ishqi without knowing the truth. Meanwhile, the doctor comes and informs that Ishqi is fine now. Riya comes to Ahaan and asks what happened, Ahaan says he will tell her everything soon. Maasi comes to meet Ishqi and asks about her. She says that she is fine, Kartik encourages her and says she is a courageous girl. Meanwhile, Sonu comes and appreciates the God that Ishqi is fine. Ishqi asks Raj to make a promise that he will always take care of Sonu.

Ahaan gets emotional and thinks Ishqi is still a concern for Sonu. Ahaan leaves from there and Kartik goes behind her. Kartik says that I am going to tell you again,  you don’t have any feeling for Riya. He further says your heart beats for Ishqi. Kartik asks him to do something now. Dadi there goes to meet Ishqi and asks why were you quiet after knowing the truth. Ishqi says she had done all this for Sonu’s sake. Dadi says you did all this for Ahaan. Dadi asks Ishqi to drop all of your feelings for Ahaan and there is no future for you together.

Kartik there continuously evoking feeling for Ishqi in Ahaan whereas Dadi there is asking Ishqi to forget Ahaan. She says even pretend in front of Ahaan that you don’t feel anything for him, otherwise, he will fall for you. Dadi leaves from there and Ishqi sobs, she understands that Dadi comes here to tell her that she can’t stay here anymore. But at the same time, Riya comes there and tells her she can do a far better job than this. Ishqi thinks about how can she get a new job. Riya says her father has acquaintances over Singapore and I can assist you in finding better work. After getting a high profile job you can stay away from Ahaan’s family.


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