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Ishq Par Zor Nahin IPZN Latest Episode 9th August 2021 Ishqi Challenges Ahaan For Savitri Written Update


The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will begin where a misunderstanding takes place between Ahaan and Ishqi because of which she breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, she retaliates to Ahaan by saying that only evidence matters for him, so it’s fine if he is not ready for believing her. Therefore, she challenges him that next time she will make sure to put all evidence in front of him. But Ahaan is only listening to her because he is not understanding how to react now, in front of them Dadi is standing and keeps on gazing at them.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Then Ishqi assures him that she will prove for sure that his mother is not a wamp of his life at all, these are all just a conspiracy, whose someone is taking advantage of, but she will not allow this to happen and will definitely expose that person. Meanwhile, she mentions that she did not do anything wrong with him in the reality, spontaneously she says that even if they ask her to leave the house but she will definitely come. But this time not alone she will bring someone so be ready for that, because this time she will come with Savitri aunt with full pride.

Further, she mentions that she will never sit calmly unless she ends up the difference between Ahaan and his mother. After hearing this, Dadi gets scared because she knows about Ishqi that once she decides to do something, then no one can dare to stop her. At the same time, Ishqi wipes her tears and leaves the place, during the period Ahaan is seeing everything by standing on the threshold. But he can not stop her and feels shatter, he recalls everything that Ishqi said to him because she took the vow to bring Savitri back with pride.

So now as Ishqi has left Ahaan’s house by taking a vow so what will happen next because her decision is hard enough, and can affect their relationship. As we have watched in the prior episode of it, that Dadi has done many things to inflame Ahaan against Ishqi but Ahaan has faith in her, and hence, he took a stand for her. He knew that something is inappropriate but due to his family he could not express his feelings. Ishqi is also gets shocked to see Ahaan’s behavior after conversing with Dadi. So do not miss to stream it on Sony Television at 09:30 PM. and fr further details connect with us.


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