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Ishq Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) Today’s Episode 7th July 2021: Riya is Trapping Ahaan With His Father


The latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin begins with Kartik and Sonu kidding Ahaan and Ishqi, but Ahaan asks them to not bother them. Dadi comes there and says to Ishqi that you have to go to your home to complete the ritual of Pagphera and goes. Kartik and Sonu there are continuously teasing Ahaan and ask him to better send some quality time along with Ishqi. Ishqi there is thinking if she is dreaming and pinches Ahaan, he asks what is doing. She says that she is just confirming if this is real. Ishqi again says that Ishqi is very Risky. Ahaan says  I like to take the risk.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Ahaan takes her hand and assures her that he won’t leave her alone no matter what. At the same time, Dadi calls Ishqi and she goes. Riya there is talking with Radhika, she says that is Ahaan is asking for some time. She says that she will break her relation with her lie. Later, at Ahaan’s house, he asks Ishqi to arrange the clothes in the almirah, but Ishqi says that she just brings a cold cream along with her. Ishqi then asks Ahaan if she can keep her mother photo frame there. Ahaan agrees.

Maasi there is consoling Savitri, she says that everything will be fine. She says we don’t have to worry as we have Ishqi along with them. Ishqi there tells Ahaan that she is aware that their honeymoon has been cancelled by Dadi due to reception. Ahaan asks if she is sad because of that, Ishqi says I am happy as girls don’t have such kind of cheap thoughts. Ahaan asks what they start playing fighting with each other and come close. Meanwhile, Ahaan received a call and he talks about business loss.

Ishqi noticed him tensed and asks what happen to him, he says nothing just Riya’s father bothering me in business. Ahaan leaves Ishqi to Maasi’s house and himself go to the office. Ishqi meets Savitri there and tries to encourage her. Ahaan reaches the office and sees Riya is arguing for him along with his father. She yells at his father and says stop bothering Ahaan. Ahaan interferes in between and Mehta says he will snatch everything from you. Ahaan later agrees to sign some sort of project and Riya and his father grin. Tune in to Sony Tv at 9:30 PM tonight. Get all Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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