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Ishq Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) Written Episode & Update 30th July 2021: Ahaan Cares For Savitri


In the latest episode of Ishq par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Ahaan all this happened and gets tense thinking about Ishqi. He says that he can’t it along with Ishqi otherwise, she will get tensed. Kartik says Riya must tell Ishqi about her pregnancy then she will get more hurt with this. Kartik says you should tell Ishqi about this before Riya. Ahaan says you are right and decides that he will tell Ishqi everything tonight. Kartik then says that you didn’t share anything with me and always underestimate me as a kid. Ahaan apologises to Kartik and says he will share everything with him from now on.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 30-7-2021

Ishqi gets done with the home chores and Dadi look at her. Ishqi comes to Dadi and tells her that she is going for a job interview. But stops her and asks her to prepare Kada for her as she is coming down with something. In between, Chachi says she will take care of Dadi and tells Ishqi that she can go, but Dadi complies with Ishqi to make the potion for her. Ishqi sighs and says she will make Kada first and then go.

Savitri and Ahaan are interacting with staff at the office. Savitri feels anxious and stumbles. A man comes to her and if she is fine or he should call Ahaan, but Savitri denies and handles herself. Ishqi is giving her interview through call and thanks to the interviewer. The man then appreciates the Ishqi and says you are on the board. Chachi enters the room and praises Ishqi she says you handle the things cleverly and calmly. At the same time, Kartik comes and Chachi says that he is looking tensed. Ishqi prepares Kada and Chachi tells her you can go now I will manage the things here.

Riya tensed about her report. Kartik keeps it in his room and went to the washroom. Dadi enters the room and thinks that Kartik is surely hiding something. Dadi somehow gets her hand on Riya’s pregnancy reports and is shocked seeing it. Dadi then keeps the report in Ishqi’s room. Ishqi looks at the envelope and she is about to open the envelope, In the meantime, Ahaan calls and Ishqi and tells her that Savitri fainted. Ishqi leaves the reports and goes to the office. Ahaan tensed for Savitri and Ishqi is noticing everything. Get the complete Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update on Social Telecast.


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