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Ishq Par Zor Nahin Latest Written Updates: Ahaan Behaves Weird With Dadi


The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will begin where Ishqi says that Suraj is about to come and he ordered her to call the doctor. Meanwhile, the doctor informs them that these medicines are too heavy for the patient because the patient does not have enough power to handle the dose. But Ahaan asks a doctor to make her normal as soon as possible, therefore he prescribes some new medicines for Savitri. Because her recovery power has become weak and it will take time, meanwhile, Ahaan wonders that due to his Grandmother, Savitri’s life has come in Danger.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Then he decides to take care of her and meantime, Ishqi goes to bring medicines spontaneously Dadi makes a call to Ishqi’s office. Because she is keen to know that she came there or not today. At the same time, she thinks that it’s a matter of thinking because Ahaan is going to taking care of Savitri in her room. She feels worried but Kartik makes her understand that Savitri is Ahaan’s mother so he can go there without asking anyone else. At the same time, Ahaan gets her call where she informs her that Savitri can be proven dangerous for him so he should come back.

Later, he says that Savitri can not do anything because she has lost her senses, and cuts the call by saying that he has to give medicine to Savitri. But she gets shocked to see Ahaan’s weird behavior and thinks that she should do something. Extempore Savitri comes with the medicine and Ahaan applies on Savitri and after a while, she is getting back her senses. Then she asks him that he can go back to his house along with Ishqi because now she is fine and there is no need to think more.

Then Ahaan refuses to leave her because she is not well and unless Suraj comes he will not go. Meanwhile, she shows her concern about Ishqi and Dadi says that she knows that Ishqi is going through from shock. She says that no one will force her to stay with Ahaan because he has done wrong with her. At the same time, Dadi says that they should accept Riya in this house ad make their mistake improve. Later, Riya plays the video in which Savitri and Ishqi feature. So do not miss to watch it on Sony Television at 09:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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