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Jaden Woodard Cause Of Death, Passes Away at 18 Check What Happened To Him? Death Reason


The world needs kind people so does God. Well, the statement seems to be true as the year alone witnessed plenty of deaths of some very generous personalities. Recently, another shocking piece of news is being reported where it is said that Jaden Woodard has died. As shocking as it might seem but the death news has been confirmed. The 18-years-old has passed away and has bid adieu to the world. No doubt, that he was too young to go and had an entire life ahead of him but who could ever have defeated death.

Jaden Woodard death

It has been reported that Woodard passed away on Sunday, September 12, 2021. His death has broken his family who was not expecting their teenage child to leave them this sooner. Besides, his close friends and relatives have also gotten shattered after learning about the unfortunate death. The death confirmation was given by Rich Wilson, head of the school where Woodard went to. He shared a long post and described how did it happen and what was the possible cause of his death. Wilson wrote that he is sharing the heartbreaking news of the 18-years-old’s death and that they are in deep sorrow.

The head further added that Jaden had undergone a heart transplant before enrolling as a freshman back in 2014. Well, it was obvious that the kind child won’t be able to survive much. He wrote that despite no one in the school knowing him or his family that much, they all paid tribute to him and shared strength with Jaden’s family. Rich Wilson continued that the football team even signed a jersey for him. When Jaden underwent surgery, many of his classmates visited him and assured him that he will get better soon. Besides, while he was recovering, he was skyped into the lectures.

Wilson concluded by saying he was an active member of the school community and despite his studies being affected due to his sickness, he graduated and even transferred to Ohio state to receive his college education. Later, he shared the address of the deceased and asked the public to send cards to Betty and Chris to express their sorrow. He asked everyone to keep Jaden in their prayers and to pray for the peace of his soul. As per reports, Jaden Woodard had three siblings including Sasha (26), Bry (21), and Aniya (22). It is extremely shocking to hear about such a great soul passing away at such a young age. RIP Jaden Woodard!


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