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JD Wetherspoon Pub Receives Negative Reviews After Kicking Out Two Women For ‘Inappropriate’ Tops Check Images Video


A pub named JD Wetherspoon has been receiving heaps of negative reviews after they kicked out two women who were reportedly wearing inappropriate tops. Yes, this surprising incident happened with two women who went to this aforementioned pub on June 13, Sunday. They reached the Back of Beyond pub in Reading situated in Berkshire at 8 Pm. These ladies are identified as Mollie Wood and Amy Lee who are friends and share the same age 20. Mollie who is a tech worker stated that one of the male managers stopped them from entering the pub.

JD Wetherspoon Pub Receives Negative Reviews After Kicking Out Two Women For 'Inappropriate' Tops

Mollie informed that the male manager said that they won’t serve them as their halter neck top equals to a man being shirtless. However, the statement didn’t go well with the netizens who have come out in support of the girls and are inundating the pub with negative TripAdvisor reviews. They are also leaving negative reviews on Google and are calling out the male manager for his disgusting behaviour.

The people who are supporting the duo are expressing their rage calling the incident a sexual degradation of women. The netizens are pointing out that the pub has no dress code so the visitors are allowed to wear whatever they desire to. Several people are demanding an apology from the staff to the girls as the incident conveys awful sexist behaviour. However, TripAdvisor has reportedly removed all the hateful and negative reviews from the pub’s page.

They have stated that the people are leaving negative reviews on the page due to a recent incident and they have no first-hand experience about it either so they are temporarily suspending any kinds of new reviews on the page. As per the reports, the two women named Mollie Wood and Amy Lee were wearing halter neck black crop tops and have combined those with printed ankle-length skirts as the current temperature of the country is 28-degree celsius.

The young ladies have been coming from England and Croatia match and decided to grab some food from the pub. Explaining the incident, Mollie had stated that at first, a female bouncer checked them thoroughly along with checking ID proofs and allowed them to enter. Se he further stated that they had just taken some steps inside when a male manager shouted at them to stop right away. The manager asked them to leave as they can’t let them inside since they were kicking topless men out as well.


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