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Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: Married Couple Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide


Authorities are looking into a possible murder-suicide that happened on Sunday at a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado, according to the police. A statement from the police reads: “Police in Thornton responded to a call of a fire at the congregation where they were told an adult female had been shot and murdered by an adult male who then turned the gun himself.” Police reported that the people were married and former churchgoers. Get full details regarding the case matter below.

Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Married Couple Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Married Couple Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Thornton police tweeted that the investigation was still ongoing and that witnesses were being questioned and the scene was being checked. It is no doubt to say that the matter has garnered a lot of attention from everyone. People are taking to social media to talk about the matter and due to this reason, it has become one of the most discussed topics on the internet. As mentioned, police in Thornton responded to a call of a fire at the congregation. The officials got to know that an adult female was shot and killed by another adult male. After killing the woman, the man went on to take his own life.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall

According to police, the individuals were married. Besides, they have been former members of the congregation too. However, the investigation into the case still seems to be ongoing as the authorities are trying their very best to fetch all the details regarding the case so that they can know what was the motive behind the killing and why the man murdered the woman. Reportedly, the investigation is active and the officials are interrogating all the witnesses while examining the scene as well. Currently, not many details about the same have come to the front.

Let us also add that a suspicious device found at the scene is being evaluated by the Hazardous Materials Unit. Police said that there is no known threat to the community at this time and that they have failed to get any update about the motive behind the horrifying incident. However, the matter has surfaced all over the internet and has garnered the attention of netizens. Even though we do not have enough information about the matter as of now, our team is trying to collect all the data about it so that our readers can stay updated. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and all the latest details and news across the globe.


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