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Jelani Day Cause Of Death: Police Calls His Death ‘Unusual’ Check How Did He Die?


The news which had attracted everyone’s attention, finally the truth behind it has been revealed, yes you heard right. The 25-years-old missing grad student Jelani Day has been confirmed dead, after his dead body was found starting of the month. So ever since the news took place on social media uncounted users are keen to get his death cause. It is being reported that he was last seen at his residence on 25th August 2021, and now after a month later, he has been confirmed dead nearby the Illinois river on September 04, get to know more check the details given below.

Jelani Day Cause Of Death: Police Calls His Death 'Unusual' Check How Did He Die?

As per the exclusive reports, He was last captured while leaving the house in his vehicle which was captured in the surveillance camera. But it was strange for his family because whenever he used to go out he informed them quite often. Just a few days back his mother Carmen has urged people for helping to find him, and after some time, Forensic reports declared him dead because in the investigation the unknown dead body proved to be his. As soon as his close ones were familiar with the news they were completely shattered and broken.

Jelani Day Death Cause

It is being reported that still, the death cause is under investigation and if sources are to be believed so it was a murder. When he got missing investigators found his car in deep woods and after a while, his body was found in unrecognizable condition besides the Illinois River. When the dead body was not identified, the concerned department sent it for forensic tests, so that the real identification can come forward and they can inform his close ones. Forensic doctors have done all tests in a very short time, so that, the investigation can carry forward, and in the end, it was recognized as Jelani Day.

Jelani Day was a University student who had recently graduated from Illinois State University, he was only 25-years-old. His mother is Carmen Bolden and his Father is Dapper Dan who is a professional designer. Under 20 days his all tests have been done by the forensic doctors, but the investigation is still in progress so that, police can find all evidence about the main defaulter of he got murder. So whenever we will get the more information we will update you, but for that stay connected with us.


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