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Jim Davidson Shocks Ashley Banjo As He Walks Out On Interview Check Details


Hello, all the peers, so, one of the most significant personalities Jim Davidson left the interview in between after an intense debate on race. Jim Davidson was in an interview with Ashley Banjo in last night show when he get into a sort of debate with Ashely. The dancer asks him about his offensive comment about Black Lives Matter, one of the most controversial incidents in American’s history. Ashley Banjo was the host in the Britain television show named Black and White telecasted on ITV yesterday. One of the judges of the prominent reality show Dancing on Ice stated that Jim gets agreed to get into a raw and honest conversation.

Jim Davidson Shocks Ashley Banjo As He Walks Out On Interview Check Details

According to the reports, the comedian criticized a dance performance a year back on a YouTube rant wherein he commented that black men harass people after their performance in BLM dance on Britain’s Got Talent. It fetched more than 31,000 Ofcom complaints. While coming to the interview, Jim leaves the room furiously after telling Ashley to “stick to the dancing” he added that “you’re brilliant and calling the discussion a ‘no-win’.” However, Banjo was looking quite relaxed and handled the situation calmy for which he was even praised by the audience.

Jim Davidson Storms Out Of Racist Debate

All the viewers are appreciating Ashley that he handled the complete situation, he didn’t even raise his voice in front of Jim. The viewers lauded Ashley in the comments. The YouTube rant 31,000 complaints on Diversity’s performance, the dance has been choreographed after the dreadful event of George Floyd’s death. Even after the group performed and won at one of the reputed dancing events BAFTA. The dance performance is now considered as the second most complaint receiving performance on the television.

Jim Davidson was one of those people who criticized the dance performance and stated the performance as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘indulgent’ in a video titled ‘Who Needs Diversity?’ While concerning the negotiation during the interview, Ashley asked the comedian that as far as he is concerned about a video made by you was a racist completely. On which Jim replies “If I was talking about you it would be personal rather than be racist.” Ashley answers that it would be both including personal and racist. He further says that he is from this country and loves this country. He then revealed his origins. Jim says that race doesn’t matter in this and that performance was inappropriate for an entertainment show. The argument get heated and Jim left the show. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide information.


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