Home Entertainment Jobe London Dead Or Alive? South African Amapiano Artist Death Rumors Explained

Jobe London Dead Or Alive? South African Amapiano Artist Death Rumors Explained


Rumours are going around about the death of a musical artist named Jobe London. Social media has gotten flooded with condolence messages and the fans have been mourning the artist’s death. Despite the rumours that have taken the internet into a storm, there is still confusion about the Ampiano star’s death. People are unclear if Jobe London has died or is still alive? These rumours are doing rounds since August 26, 2021, and has become the most-talked-about topic recently. Well, let’s find out what is the actual truth of the matter in this article below.

Jobe London Dead Or Alive? South African Amapiano Artist Death Rumors Explained

Personally known as “Thabang Thanyane”, Jobe London is a South African popular Amapiano artist. Besides, the artist is also a musician, songwriter and skilled dancer. Born on May 13, Jobe started getting searched on Google for his rumoured death. Within some time, Jobe London death started to getting trend on various social media platforms. However, it was later revealed that the star has not died and is safe and fine. Yes, the 18-years-old artist took the responsibility himself to clear the baseless rumours surfacing on the internet. He took to his official Twitter handle and wrote “You all are so insensitive Bruh”.


The tweet was posted on August 26 and has garnered more than 3K likes as well. Following the tweet, netizens took a breath of relief and started posting that Jobe London is alive. It was also reported that the artist also shared the information on his Facebook timeline. Since then, it is confirmed that the Amapiano artist is alive and not dead and is perfectly fine. Well, it is really questionable that how these speculations went rife. Earlier, some fans have noticed that Jobe’s health had gotten deteriorated as he didn’t seem as healthy as before.

Earlier, it had also come forward that Jobe London was suffering from cancer for the past few months and was also getting treatment for the same. However, there is no official confirmation regarding it as neither Jobe nor his family or friends have come forward to speak about it. It could also be one of the baseless rumours circulating on the internet. Well, one thing is confirmed that the Amapiano artist is doing fine and has not died. Jobe had risen to fame with his song titled “Sukenleleni” which was released in 2019. Since then, he had garnered a good fan base and the song proved to be the biggest song of his career.


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