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Jodhpur: Mumbai Police Arrest 21-year-old From Rajasthan’s, Threat Mail to Salman Khan


Currently, the megastar Salman Khan is remaining the subject of wide discussion in all over the social media platform, ever since his admirers got acquainted with the death threats received by the actor their immense concern while requesting the concerned authorities to provide the Z+ security to the actor so that, no one can reach him. Because no one can predict the further conspiracy of the threat senders, and therefore, uncounted are asking for the detention of the culprit as soon as possible. Below you can explore the further updates along with some unknown facts you need to know.

Mumbai Police arrests

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the concerned authorities have surrounded the entire residence of the megastar while setting strong security, and therefore, even fans can not visit his apartment under the concern for his safety as no one is allowed to enter within a few meters of the premise. Because, it is not the first time Salman Khan received a death threat prior to this, he had received another lethal threat from the side of the mafia but due to the sagacious gesture of the police and security he did not get harmed and the matter received the downfall but now again the story began.

Threat Mail to Salman Khan

Reportedly, the Mumbai Police has arrested the accused “Dhakad Ram Bishnoi” a 21-year-old Siyagon Ki Dhani in Rohicha Kalan Village-based man. Initially, he had detained by the Luni Police force in Jodhpur and later, sent under the legal custody of Mumbai police now further actions are being taken against him and soon he will get a strict sentence. Currently, the interrogation is going on at its best while finding the truth out because no one knows how many are associated with him, and having such tendencies while sending the threats without any reason.

Apart from all these, the die-hard fans of superstar Salman Khan are also requesting the concerned authorities to take strict actions against the defaulter, so that his associates could even think a hundred times before doing anything like him. In short, the entire Twitter has been poured of heartfelt messages and this is the reason, uncounted showered their reaction in a certain manner. So here we have mentioned such details and when something will come out we will update you for sure, as our team is also looking to fetch further updates. Stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.


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