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John Madden Death Check If American Football Coach Dead Or Alive? Truth Or Hoax?


Social media is the fastest way to get news but you must be aware that fake news is the one that spread more quickly as compare to the real ones because most news that starts to trend on social media contains the unexpected stuff about your favorite star and the same thing happened today that you all are for here. You must be searching about America’s famous former football coach John Madden, if he is still alive or not, and if he is alive so why people are searching about it.

John Madden Death Check If American Football Coach Dead Or Alive? Truth Or Hoax?

John Earl Madden is mostly known as John Madden is an American’s one of most famous faces and the man is a former football coach and sportscaster or say commentator whose fan base is still huge as compare to new footballers. Talking about his main achievements so he won the Super Bowl as a head coach of the Oakland Raiders and after getting retired as a coach he turned into a famous Commentator for NFL telecasts.

Well, there is no doubt that he is one of the most famous celebs in the world of Football and still no one can defeat him in the terms of commentary and looking back to his results so that achievements are also a big reason that people loves him. If you are a football lover and know about Madden so you must know that he landed on the earth on April 10, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota and now he is 85 years old.

It’s been a while that no pictures have been uploaded so far about him so people thought that either he is dealing with something or going under medical treatment and the age is also a thing to fear about so his lovers showed their concern towards him and as a result, they all started to search that if their favorite commentator from the world of energy is alive or not.

All the readers can sigh because no official update about his health has been announced so far neither by his family nor by anyone close to him. So as per the all latest reports saying this won’t be bad that John Madden is still alive and no one has to be worried about him. As soon as there will be any official update lands to the internet we will keep you update so stay tuned with us to catch all the latest world update.


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