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Juan Dixon Sexual Assault Charges Explained: What Did RHOP Star Do? Details Explored


Nowadays, uncounted controversies are spreading their feet rapidly on social networking sites and almost every time these controversies lead to an agonist one. Something similar is again catching the heat, as RHOP (Real Housewives of Potomac) star Juan Dixon is surrounded by legal charges of having an involvement in s*xual assault after being named in a case against Coppin State University. Ever since, the news caught the heat on social networking sites, uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines because no one had even imagined that something shocking regarding their favorite one will come out like this.

Juan Dixon Sexual Assault Charges Explained What Did RHOP Star Do Details Explored

As per the exclusive reports or sources, only a few moments have passed of coming to the shocking news out and in spite of this, uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines to such an extent. Because no one had even imagined that he will come into the limelight in a certain manner, and this is the reason, almost everyone is looking to grab everything no matter what so that, they can make themselves aware of everything. Because whenever someone comes into the limelight while leading legal actions, so the person remains the subject of wide discussion among everyone no matter whether they are having a reputed name or just a normal one.

Juan Dixon Sexual Assault Charges Explained

Reportedly, the actions have been made by the concerned authorities on 2nd November 2022 while taking him into custody, and now they are investigating the case a bit deeper so that, everything could come out clearly as same as the mirror. Because the 15 pages of the lawsuit are not a minor deal and therefore, the case required to be investigated hard no matter what. Even, the people are urging the concerned authorities for the strict actions against the defaulter no matter what because no one has a right to touch somebody against their will or without having permission.

As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions started expressing their rage while condemning Juan, as he was holding a mask on his face for the last few years. But now, his real side is getting unveiled and soon he will go to serve the sentence behind the bars. No one had even imagined that one day their faces will collide with such a worst news regarding their favorite one. So here we have mentioned such details and when something will come out we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us to know more


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