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Justin Santos Arcangel Car Accident Video: Is Arcangel’s Brother Dead? Cause Of Death


We are immensely sad to make you acquainted with the quite shocking news that Justin Santos, the younger sibling of Puerto-Rican singer Arcangel urf Austin Santos has passed away at the age of 21 due to a lethal car accident on 21st November 2021. His sudden passing shattered millions of hearts because no one expected that he will be left the world in such a manner, everyone is mourning his unexpected passing. Several statements are coming to the fore which is made by his brother, and the concerned department regarding the accident, get to know more check the details given below.

Justin Santos Arcangel Car Accident Video: Is Arcangel's Brother Dead? Cause Of Death

According to the sources or reports, the fatal incident happened nearby Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in San Juan at 02:30 AM the late-night, reportedly he was driving a Can-Am SUV along with another passenger, and spontaneously his car got smashed brutally and has passed away on the spot. It is being reported, that the sound of the incident was quite frightening, that no one could even imagine. The concerned department has recognized the culprit as Maria who was driving another vehicle, no alcohol involvement is reported yet, but the investigation is going on to figure out the exact reason behind crashing.

Justin Santos Arcangel Car Accident

It is being said, that Justin was thrown out of the vehicle as a consequence of the accident, his fellow was also brutally injured, and brought to the nearest medical center, and currently undergoing treatment at Rop Piedras Medical Center. The news of his accident has been confirmed by Puerto Rico Police Traffic Bureau Officer Elvis Zero. Everyone is paying tribute to him, through social media and therefore the app has been flooded because everyone is expressing their deep sorrow towards the Deceased and giving condolence to the family.

Because in this hard time, they need support so that, they overcome the pain.Singer Arcangel Spoke about the tragic loss of his younger brother, Justin, and took to Instagram to mourn the loss of his brother. He shared an emotional note where he requested God to provide him enough strength to bear the pain of great loss. The entire incident is being investigated by the concerned department, so soon the exact reason behind the incident will come out. These pieces of details have been derived from other sources, so whenever we will get more we will update you for sure. (RIP)


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